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Scientific basics and general skills I (2. term Dr. sci. med.) 
Summer semester 2019
Doctoral Program Medical Sciences
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The course provides an introduction to biostatistics and its role in the research process. It introduces the use of software packages (SPSS) from data management to analysis. Different analysis procedures (descriptive statistics, various test procedures, regression and correlation analysis and the principles of survival analysis) are discussed in detail with analysis performed on practical examples. In addition a basic introduction to human research ethics and philosophy of the requirements for a proposal submitted to the ethics committee are presented.
Basics in biostatistics.
Students should be able to perform the discussed statistical analyses of data on their own and to interpret the results. Knowledge of basic principles of human research ethics and philosophy of science.
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continuous assessment
The Evidence Based Medicine Working Group (Eds. Gordan Guyatt und Drummond Rennie, 2002): Users' Guides to the Medical Literature, AMA Press
and introductory biostatistics books