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Scientific writing 
Summer semester 2021
Medical University of Graz
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Angaben zur Abhaltung
Scientists are writers. Scientific ideas, research, and initiatives are communicated in writing to the world in the form of articles, theses, grant proposals, or books. Moreover, the career and influence of scientists are primarly determined by their publication record. The goal of this workshop is to help scientists become more skilled and productive writers.
The workshop is structured into three main parts.
- The 1st part deals with the elements of structure and style that contribute to the quality of scientific articles.
- The 2nd part offers methods to reach this goal, starting from a blank sheet of paper.
- The 3rd part addresses the psychological and organizational challenges encountered when writing articles (procrastination, self-doubts, goal setting and time management issues…).
The workshop consists of lecture-based presentations, discussions and exercises directly applicable to the participants' current writing projects. It is designed to improve participants' general knowledge and can immediately contribute to their ongoing work.
Intermediate to advanced English skills (“Matura”)
- identify the elements of structure and style that characterize good scientific articles
- discover concrete methods to write scientific projects
- become a more skilled and productive scientific writer.
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Note: For PhD students of KFU Graz and TU Graz: Please note that if you wish to take examinations at MedUni Graz, you must sign up as co-registered student: https://www.medunigraz.at/service-und-information/
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Active participation
continuous assessment
This course is part of the BioTechMed-Graz PhD program (details: www.biotechmedgraz.at).